How to Get Better Sleep

Optimizing your sleep depends heavily on three things: preparation (building good sleep habits), environment (tweaking your surroundings for optimal sleep), and timing (getting the sleep you need when you need it).

  • Preparation

  • Exercise regularly.

  • set a kinder, gentler alarm.

  • Ditch the alcohol, cut out the caffeine, and watch the cigarettes.

  • Cut back on screen time.

  • Meditate before bed.

  • Improve your evening ritual.* Environment

  • Make sure your bed is actually comfortable.

  • Adjust the temperature.

  • Filter out the light.

  • Cut out the distractions* Timing

  • An often overlooked way for people to optimize their sleep is to wake at the same time every day, or at least within the same hour. So rather than oversleep on off days, waking at the same time and then taking a nap allows the extra sleep without disrupting the normal wake/sleep schedule.* Get Help From the Experts