How to Upload Vagrant Box to Vagrant Cloud

  1. Assuming you have a box running and you want to package it as, you can run following command

    $ vagrant package --output
  2. After running above command, you should have a file in your folder.

  3. Go to and login.

  4. Click “Dashboard” and then “New Vagrant Box” button.

  5. Enter name, visibility and description and click “Create box”.
    Create Box

  6. Enter version as 1 and click “Create version”.
    Create Version

  7. Click “Add a provider”, where you will be lead to a page you can upload your
    Add Provider

  8. Enter the provider name, most common is “virtualbox”. In my case, I’m uploading to my vagrant cloud, so I select “Upload to Vagrant Cloud” and click “Continue to upload”. Then select box on my local drive and click “Upload”. Wait it to be complete.
    Upload Box
    Upload Box

  9. After uploading is complete, you can click “Finish”. I don’t know how it will take so long to finish and looks like it tries to upload the file again. Just wait patiently.
    Finish Uploading

  10. In order for you or others to discover this box, you need to release it.

  11. Now you can test if it works. Create an empty folder and copy the new commands
    New Command

    $ vagrant init ycshao/test --box-version 1
    $ vagrant up
  12. You will see it download the box from cload and bring it up correctly.

  13. You are all set now.